Monday, August 2, 2010

Equatorial Guinea Sponsors National Literary Prize Contest to Promote Culture and Literacy in Society

The National Library of Equatorial Guinea is sponsoring a national literary contest, the Obiang Nguema Mbasogo Literary Award, in which all Equatorial Guinean citizens, both students and adults can participate. This annual contest is aimed at promoting culture and raising the level of literacy in the society.

At the student level, the literary contest requires contestants to produce a novel that reflects situations inspired by topics pertaining to culture, family disruption, moral values, education, etc. At the adult level, the contestants can write either an essay or an abstract novel on any topic of choice.

The entries will be submitted in August to the National Library of Equatorial Guinea, located in Malabo. The winners will be announced by local and international media. For students, the first prize is a full scholarship to a four-year college in the U.S. with all expenses paid and the publication of the literary work. The second place prize is 500,000 CFAS (~ USD $1,000), and third is 300,000 CFAS (~ USD $500) and the publication of the novel. The first place adult winners will receive one million CFAS (~ USD $2,000) prize, second place 500,000 CFAS (~USD $1000) and third place 300,000 CFAS (~ USD $500) with a publication of the work as well.

The National Library of Equatorial Guinea opened last year and was sponsored by the government. The National Library will lead other initiatives and contests to promote culture and education in Equatorial Guinea. These programs include contests in painting, story telling, short films, children's programs, the creation of a theatre company in Equatorial Guinea, the acquisition of mobile libraries to distribute texts and boost literacy, and construction of newsstands for easier accessibility in all regions across the country.

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