Friday, September 10, 2010

Equatorial Guinea Enhancing Public Education With Improvement of Teaching Force

The Governing Board of Equatorial Guinea's (Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial) Ministry of Education, Science and Sport recently met to discuss the status of education and sport in the country. The multi-day sessions were part of Equatorial Guinea's efforts to evaluate the current education system and institute policies for improvement.

The meetings were chaired by Filiberto Ntutumu Nguema, Equatorial Guinea's Minister of Education, Science and Sport and attended by the thirteen directorates. They examined various action plans in the education and sport sector and set out measures to improve teaching and the availability of resources.

Also discussed was the Ministry of Education's plan to promote sports culture through the implementation of soccer leagues in schools, towns and provinces throughout the country.

Education is one of the priorities outlined in Equatorial Guinea's "Horizon 2020" development plan, which was set in motion by President Obiang, to move the country toward a sustainable and emergent economy. The plan includes the development of new schools and teacher training.