Friday, September 3, 2010

Equatorial Guinea Plotters Got Fair Trial

Independent Online reports that Equatorial Guinea's President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo said the trial of four men sentenced to death for an attack on the presidential palace was “open” and “fair.”

According to Independent Online, in statement released by the government based on a speech when he opened parliament, President Obiang said “the laws governing Equatorial Guinea were respected and implemented, as well as the procedures of a legal, open and fair trial, with all guarantees of a defense team and recourse that might have been necessary.”

“The verdict handed down” at the end of the trial that began on August 13 “is no different from in trials that take place in other parts of the world,” President Obiang said according to Independent Online.

Independent Online also states that President Obiang said the main purpose of laws and courts was to keep the peace and security, with “a political and social balance, and economic development for the well-being of the people. If for this, we need to take exceptional measures, we will do it whenever’s called for.”

“The death penalty has not been abolished,” he stressed as reported by Independent Online. “Pardons and reductions in sentences do not signify a weakness or tolerance in our judicial system, but rather an effort to rehabilitate those who have violated the principles that underpin the state of law in Equatorial Guinea.”