Friday, January 21, 2011

Marlon Jackson Visits Equatorial Guinea

Michael Jackson’s Brother to Participate in Agricultural and Cultural Projects

Equatorial Guinea’s (República de Guinea Ecuatorial), Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, invited Marlon Jackson, brother of the late King of Pop and Alfred Dixon, former mayor of Greenevers, North Carolina to the country to discuss potential partnerships in the agricultural and cultural sectors of the country. The two guests presented proposals to the Government focused on agriculture projects that will help move the country toward a sustainable and emergent economy.

Equatorial Guinea, under the leadership of President Obiang, is working to rapidly become a more effective and transparent government. In its efforts to boost the agriculture sector, the Ministry of Agriculture, has led the efforts to conduct awareness tours, promote coffee and cacao, focus on attaining food self-sufficiency in the country in order to support and improve the agriculture sector. The government has also invested in promoting the cultural sector by promoting culture and raising the level of literacy in the society, celebrating music festivals, supporting the national ballet, among other initiatives.

The delegation met with the President of the CICTE (Council for Scientific and Technological Research), Leandro Mbomío, the Director-General of the Culture and Information, Radio and Television, Rufino Ndong Esono and Teobaldo Nchaso Matomba, among other government officials.

Marlon Jackson will also participate in the planning of the promotion and marketing of UNESCO’s Slave Route project. Equatorial Guinea along other African countries is involved in the intercultural program developed to reflect on the history of slavery and the diaspora.