Monday, May 2, 2011

CNBC Airs Landmark Production on Equatorial Guinea

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea recently appeared in an EPIC Global Media documentary. Portrait of a Nation aired on CNBC. This piece shows an extraordinary view into “one of the world's least known countries”. EPIC’s work tests negative and incorrect labels by showcasing positive narratives and growth from all over the world, with the end goal of “encouraging fresh dialogue and debate” in the only Spanish speaking country in Africa.

Portrait of a Nation can be viewed at

The 30 minute video portrays stories by ministers, healthcare providers, soccer players and pop stars. Equatorial Guinea will host the African Union Summit this summer in the capital of Malabo and co-host the African Cup of Nations Soccer match next year. EPIC’s piece does a great job at highlighting Equatorial Guinea’s developing infrastructure which offers its viewers an inside look of the country.

As part of the country’s effort to improve the international opinion of the country, the government has provided the funds to produce the Portrait of a Nation. The production has a positive message and highlights how Equatorial Guinea still faces challenges as any other developing nation.

“Our hope is that people will see images and hear perspectives that encourage them to take a real interest in the people of this country, and in the country's future,” stated Producer James Brown.