Monday, October 24, 2011

Equatorial Guinea Strengthens Bilateral Relations With South Africa

In a new era of cooperation between Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of South Africa, two presidents met to promise greater cooperation between their public and private sectors. President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo met with South African president Jacob Zuma to discuss investment opportunities in the energy, agriculture, mining and transportation sectors between the two countries to foster a “model of South-South cooperation,” said President Obiang.

“This official visit reaffirms the political commitment of Equatorial Guinea and South Africa and our mutual goal to achieve peace, security and international cooperation,” said President Obiang. He continued to say, “The signing of new agreements shows the strong cooperative relations our countries enjoy.”

President Obiang highlighted the progress the country has made since they met a few months ago during the 17th African Union Summit. Equatorial Guinea has invested substantially in infrastructure, education, energy, health and agriculture, and the progress is obvious to everyone who visits the West African nation. The official visit further focused on improving the business relationships between the two countries, especially in the defense and security sectors.

President Zuma expressed his recognition for Equatorial Guinea’s government efforts toward Africa’s commitment to help the West African nation succeed and reach its Horizon 2020 development goals.