Saturday, November 5, 2011

President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea Celebrates the Expansion of Africa24

African Union President Obiang Lauds African-Focused Network

Following meetings in Cannes where President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea met with heads of state from around the world at the G20 Economic Summit, he arrived in Paris today to inaugurate the expansion of news station Africa24's newsroom in the city.

"The creation of Africa24 has been an inspiration," said President Obiang, who is also the rotating president of the African Union. He told a gathering following the inauguration ceremony, "The station provides an objective vision and an authentic voice to African states."

President Obiang was accompanied by African Union Commission President Jean Ping who told the press, "We are proud to say that this is an African media outlet. What concerns this important television station is the sole service to the African continent. Our hope is that its African spirit will endure."

Africa24 is the first pan-African news channel and the only Africa-led global broadcasting channel that covers Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Africa24 had the honor of having Abdou Diof (Secretary-General of "La Francophonie") and Idriss Deby Itno (President of Chad) present at the inauguration of the station on Nov. 5. President Obiang congratulated the work Africa24 has done with its media coverage of the continent.

Since its formation, the Africa24 media station has been steadily gaining influence—a progression that many leaders are commending.

President Obiang concluded, "Africa24 is the first and only global broadcasting network dedicated to Africa. I call on other African leaders to contribute to the success of this African media outlet."

Under President Obiang's leadership, Equatorial Guinea has assumed an increasingly active role in international affairs in recent months. It will host the Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament in January 2012 and recently held the tournament's 16-nation draw in the nation's modern conference center, Sipopo. Sipopo will also host the events associated with the African-South American Summit, bringing together ministers of foreign affairs from 65 countries this month and heads of state next year. In June and July, Equatorial Guinea hosted the AU Summit, also in Sipopo.