Sunday, January 22, 2012

Equatorial Guinea Center Of African Continent

Country boosts Cultural Development Exchange between African Youth

Equatorial Guinea opened the 28th Edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2012) with a match against Libya in the newly remodeled Bata Stadium, where the Nzalang won its first victory. President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo boosted cultural development exchange between African youth.

“Equatorial Guinea is honored to co-host the Africa Cup of Nations 2012, as today we are the African continent’s center,” said President Obiang. “We embrace the AFCON with enthusiasm, honor and responsibility.”

Bata, the country’s largest city, was filled with excitement and support for its National team, Nzalang. The streets of Bata were a virtual sea of red throughout the day as thousands of residents donned the red jerseys of the Nzalang, and the stadium was roaring with excitement a full three hours before the start of the game. AFCON is the most important tournament the country has ever hosted.

The impressive pre-game show featured a performance by Anfibio, Equatorial Guinea’s most famous popular singer, and his group, who performed all along the perimeter of the stadium to loud cheers. They were followed by folk dancers, a multimedia tribute to African biodiversity, and a colorful performance by children in honor of the youth of Africa. The ceremonies ended with a spectacular fireworks show that enveloped the entire circular stadium.

Aniceto Ebiaka Mohete, Equatorial Guinea’s Vice Minister and Honorary President of the COCAN, noted the significant economic development that is taking place in Equatorial Guinea, and said that hosting AFCON marks another step in Equatorial Guinea’s journey toward its Horizon 2020 development goals.