Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry hosts annual toy sharing program

In celebration of Christmas, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and President of the Youth Federation PDGE, is hosting his annual toy distribution. He is giving toys to children throughout the country, as he has in previous years, with assistance from Miss South Africa 2008 and Miss Equatorial Guinea.

In addition, Minister Nguema is also hosting concerts in Malabo and Bata from December 31 until today, January 3, with performances from Latino and African artists. The artists included Miki James, Cubanitos 2002, Flegor, Timaya, Don Dabany, Petit Pays, Arnold Eyelid, Boban MP3, Cabel, Chomi, tkz, Fally Ipupa, among many others.

The toy distribution tour began in Malabo on Friday, December 23, where Minister Nguema donated toys to children at the General Hospital of Malabo, Guadalupe Clinic, Hospital Loeri Combá and the Hospital La Paz.

He then continued his route in Bata Saturday, December 24, distributing toys to children at Asonga Bata, Hopital La Paz, Children’s Villages SOS and REMAR Bata Center.

On Sunday, December 25, Minister Nguema distributed toys in Mongomo, Mongomeyen, Nsang Ayong, Añisok and Ayene.

On Monday, December 26 he gave away toys in Luba, Batete, Moca, Riaba and respective hospitals.

On Tuesday, December 27 he gave away toys in Baney and at Baney’s Hospital, in Rebola and at Rebola Hospital.

On Wednesday, December 28 he gave away toys in Mbini and Kogo and at respective hospitals.

On Thursday, December 29 he gave away toys in Niefang, Nkimi, Nkumequieñ, Maan Mení, Evinayong, Misión San Jose, Bikurga and Taga Eté.

On Friday, December 30 he gave away toys in Mikomeseng, Nsok Nsomo, Nsang and Nkue.

After the concerts, Minister Nguema will continue his toy distribution program on Thursday, January 5, visiting children in Ebebiyin, Bidjabidjan and Alen Angok.

He will then bring his tour to a close on Saturday, January 7 in Annobón.