Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reuters: 18 Stunning Photos of Equatorial Guinea

Award-winning photojournalists highlight Bioko and Rio Muni in Equatorial Guinea

Today’s Reuters Travelogue features a stunning photo slideshow by award-winning photojournalists Luc Gnago and Amr Abdallah Dalsh.

Gnago and Abdallah Dalsh recently joined hundreds of other reporters and photojournalists to Equatorial Guinea to cover the African Cup of Nations, which was co-hosted by Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Matches in Equatorial Guinea were played in Bata and in the Ecuatoguinean capitol city of Malabo on Bioko Norte.

Equatorial Guinea’s national football team – known locally as the Nzalang, which means “lighting” in Fang – won the tournament opener against Libya 1-0 and beat Senegal 2-1 before falling 3-1 Ivory Coast in this year’s Africa Cup quarterfinals. Ivory Coast will face Zambia in the tournament championship.

This year is Equatorial Guinea’s 1st-ever Africa Cup appearance, and the Nzalang has been widely heralded in the international press for having shocked the world by making it to the quarterfinals.

Today’s travelogue by Gnago and Abdallah Dalsh is a tasteful mix of football photography and images ordinary people and places in Equatorial Guinea. From the opening game of the Africa Cup of Nations, to school children, to vendors outside the cathedral (Catedral de Malabo), the photographers turn their focus beyond sport and showcase for the world a more-comprehensive look at daily life in Equatorial Guinea.