Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tighter Border Procedures Will Not Affect Close Relations With Cameroon, Says Equatorial Guinea

Procedures are aimed at controlling illegal immigration

The Government of Equatorial Guinea said today that relations with neighboring Cameroonremain strong, despite changes in security at the Kye-Ossi border. Security alterations were recently made in order to prevent people from entering Equatorial Guinea illegally.

Equatorial Guinea is a destination for people from nearby countries to enter illegally looking for work in its growing economy.

According to government officials, local authorities from both countries met to discuss and resolve the issue through diplomatic measures. “Cameroon is a friend to Equatorial Guinea,” saidPresident Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, “and we strive to maintain excellent relations with them directly and through our involvement in various regional institutions.”

The two countries have a history of cooperation. Since the Central African Community was restructured in the 1990s, they have worked together to promote economic and infrastructure development in the region. Both countries participate in the Central African Customs and Economic Union, which Equatorial Guinea joined in 1984, as well as the Central African Economic and Monetary Community.

Equatorial Guinea also addressed border issues with Gabon in February 25, 2011. The United Nations Secretary General praised the two countries for their “statesmanship” in solving the dispute and gave them full support from the United Nations.

Equatorial Guinea has had an increasingly active foreign policy and has emerged as a major player throughout the region and outside Africa in recent years. The nation hosted the African Union Summit last year and the Africa Cup of Nations 2012, and it has been a frequentcontributor to humanitarian relief efforts, most recently sending the Congo Republic 400 tonnes of humanitarian aid in March to aid victims of a devastating explosion in the capital, Brazzaville.