Friday, May 18, 2012

Equatorial Guinea Ranks Near U.S. On 2012 Global Peace Index

West African Nation Holds Prominent Position among Sub-Saharan Countries   
The Institute for Economics and Peace has ranked Equatorial Guinea 75th on its 2012 Global Peace Index study, which evaluates 153 countries on 23 indicators (on a 1 to 5 range, where 1 is the most peaceful) ranging from a nation’s level of military expenditure to its relations with neighboring countries and the level of respect for human rights.

The Global Peace Study is produced by Vision of Humanity, an Australian organization that describes itself as “a strong proponent of the need to further study, advocate and act on peace.” The organization “brings a strategic approach to raising the world’s attention and awareness around the importance of peace to humanity’s survival in the 21st century.”

Iceland, New Zealand and Japan were at the top of the 2012 rankings. The United States was 82nd.

The survey rates countries on a scale of one to five in each category, with a score of one representing the most peaceful. Equatorial Guinea received the same score as the United States and Gabon (3 points) on the Level of Disrespect for Human Rights, Spain and France both scored higher, with ratings of two and 1.5, respectively.

Equatorial Guinea holds a prominent position among sub-Saharan African countries, placing in 12th position among 38 countries rated. The West African nation stands next to China, Gabon and Spain in the category of violent crimes with two points, while the United States and France were among the nations with the least violent crime.

Equatorial Guinea also ranked at a more favorable position than France, Spain and the United States on the number of internal and external conflicts.