Monday, May 14, 2012

Minister of Information and Tourism of Equatorial Guinea Expresses Support of World Press Freedom Day

The Minister of Information and Tourism of Equatorial Guinea, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro, announced the country’s support of World Press Freedom Day in an address to all news media professionals on May 3. In his remarks, the Minister congratulated the nation’s media professionals, “Who have demonstrated in recent years an amazing ability to handle the new information technologies, which bring us closer to the world and integrate us in the global process of the development of peoples.”

In recent years, Equatorial Guinea has made important advances in public media, updating its national telecommunications infrastructure so that its national television channel, RTVGE, now reaches nearly 70 percent of the Equatoguinean population by the International Channel of RTVGE.

Most recently, Equatorial Guinea launched a new telecommunications company, GECOMSA (Guinea Ecuatorial Comunicaciones Sociedad Anónima), to better serve Equatorial Guinea’s rapidly developing communications needs, which President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo declared, “Will expand and improve our communications’ reach and take us to a new level of telecommunications.”

Speaking to the issue of press freedom, Minister Osa Ecoro also said, “The Republic of Equatorial Guinea has taken up the challenges of development, democracy and freedom.” He added,  “The freedom of expression is covered in our Basic Law so that all citizens make use of it and, above all, make good use of it.”

Minister Osa Ecoro ended his speech by announcing his objectives for the national media. “We intend for this year to lead us to professional maturity so that accountability, truth and objectivity can grow stronger in our peaceful coexistence -- guaranteeing development, democracy and political stability,” he said.

Some 15 separate entities of local, public and private entities of Equatorial Guinea participated in this year’s World Press Freedom Day ceremonies.