Thursday, August 23, 2012

Equatorial Guinea Resumes Zinc Roof Tour

Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Equatorial Guinea’s Second Vice President, Head of Defense and State Security, is sponsoring the continuation of the national campaign to donate zinc plates.

The delegation distributing the zinc plates resumed in Niefang district on August 6, and gradually made its way toward Acurenam and Evinayong and the capital of Centro Sur. It then moved to Wele-Nzas.

The zinc roof campaign is dedicated to helping disadvantaged families in rural areas replace their nipa roofs with zinc plates. It was launched last year as part of the government’s efforts to improve the living conditions in rural communities.

“In addition to the zinc roofs campaign, the Ministry has provided rural sustainable development programs, where rural communities receive technological, water development, health and education packages to improve their living situation,” said Jose Juan Ndong Tom, previous Director of Agriculture. “We give them the foundation to better run their communities.”

Over 110,000 zinc sheets were distributed in the Centro Sur province. The campaign then continued throughout other areas of Wele-Nzas, where it would eventually be completed.