Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Atlanta Businessman Says Equatorial Guinea is Land of Opportunities

Atlanta businessman Kwame Som-Pimpong described Equatorial Guinea as a country on the move that offers many opportunities after a recent visit to the country. In an opinion piece on Global Atlanta (GlobalAtlanta.com), Mr. Som Pmpong, who is co-founder of Afara Global LLC, a consultancy that connects small business to opportunities on the African continent, said that after spending a week in Equatorial Guinea and speaking at length with up-and-coming leaders, his perception of the West African nation has changed in a positive way.

“Despite criticisms, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has used oil revenues to improve road infrastructure, increase access to education and position the country as an economic cornerstone on the African continent,” he wrote. “The real fuel that will drive the country into the future, as in other parts of Africa, is its cadre of young, energetic entrepreneurs.”

While in Equatorial Guinea, he met with young professionals such as N.J. Ayuk, Managing Partner of Centurion LLP, the largest law firm in the country, who shared his desire “to see Equatorial Guinea develop its legal structures and financial sector to the level of a Seychelles or Mauritius - competing with those countries as a financial gateway to the African continent. Mr. Ayuk also shared his wish “to improve education of the country's citizens, a key step toward reaching the country's goals.”

“All these conversations, coupled with my experience on the ground, excite me about the future in Equatorial Guinea,” wrote Mr. Som-Pimpong. “I have been able to meet several young professionals who have considerable influence now and others who are fighting to build their work. I definitely plan to witness how the vim of its citizens elevates the country toward its lofty potential.”