Friday, September 7, 2012

Equatorial Guinea Minister of Education Talks About Preparing Children for the Future

In a recent interview, Mari Carmen Ecoro, Minister of Education and Science, discussed how Equatorial Guinea is developing life skills for children through early childhood education.

As the Minister of Education, Mari Carmen Ecoro’s plan to prepare children for the future includes developing self-esteem, refining motor skills and taking pride in their background and heritage. “It doesn’t matter where Equatoguineans might end up in the world, they will be as competent as anyone else, that is my primary goal as the Minister of Education,” said Mari Carmen Ecoro.

The Ministry of Education’s goal, at the national level, is to improve infrastructure. The ministry strives to ensure schools have cafeterias, lunchrooms, gymnasiums, science laboratories, art departments, and dedicated teacher’s rooms. “They go together, the quality of training of teachers and the school must also provide a good learning environment. The government has approved the plan and we hope to see these improvements in three years,” said Minister Ecoro.