Thursday, September 6, 2012

Equatorial Guinea's Minister of Education Talks About Improving the Teaching Profession

In a recent interview, Mari Carmen Ecoro, Minister of Education and Science, discussed new strategies for increasing quality of teacher training and enhancing the student experience.

Equatorial Guinea is raising the competency and quality of the teaching profession at the university level. The National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE) offers summer programs promoting overseas exchange. UNGE has agreements with universities in the United States, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic, China, and others, which host UNGE professors for week-long programs to learn and improve their teaching skills.

Mari Carmen Ecoro said, “Professors from these schools also come to Equatorial Guinea. We have cultural exchange programs and offer internships to students coming from abroad. Through our PRODEGE program, we have teachers from primary schools that go to Latin America to take courses to refine their teaching skills.”

Equatorial Guinea’s teachers learn in collaborative environments from international experts to improve the teaching increase child development. “The teachers’ programs are helping the education system and show Equatorial Guinea’s teachers how others are carrying out the duties of the teaching profession. Other countries are also coming to Equatorial Guinea to learn from us,” said Minister Ecoro.