Thursday, September 6, 2012

Equatorial Guinea's Minister of Education Talks About Challenges and Successes in Education

In a recent interview, Mari Carmen Ecoro, Minister of Education and Science, discussed several ongoing initiatives for improving education as well as previous educational accomplishments of Equatorial Guinea.

One of Equatorial Guinea’s most effective initiatives for improving education has been to meet and exceed United Nations standards achieving high literacy rates and primary education goals.

The government has invested heavily on educational development and training, and it continues to be a top priority. One of the government’s greatest accomplishments in education is the addition of a pre-school level to the current system. “In less than four years, the pre-school level has become a formal part of education. UNICEF previously ran it. The government made the decision to start educating children from an early stage instead of waiting until primary school,” said Mari Carmen Ecoro.

The Minister of Education continued to say, “We have seen the improvement that pre-school level has brought to Equatorial Guinea. We can see children from three or four years old with the ability to read, unlike before where children had to wait until they were seven or eight to go to school.”

Minister Ecoro is a psychologist with expertise in mental health, negotiation and conflict resolution, and behavior modification. She received a bachelor’s degree from Queens College and a master’s degree from Columbia University.