Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Successful Zinc-Roof Donation Campaign Concludes on Continental Region of Equatorial Guinea

Nation’s Second Vice President has led effort to distribute thousands of permanent roofs.  

The Government of Equatorial Guinea’s zinc-roof initiative reached its conclusion in the continental region of Equatorial Guinea on September 15.

The Second Vice President and Head of Defense and State Security, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, who has led the initiative since August 2011, concluded the mainland efforts of the zinc-roof donation campaign in the city of Bata, located on the insular region of Equatorial Guinea. The last town to receive its zinc roofs was Machinda (Bata), which received more than 6,000 zinc sheets, 400 roof ridges, 4,950 pounds of nails, and more than 440 pounds of rubber for the replacement of nipa roofs.

To further improve the living conditions within these rural communities, Vice President Mangue has been traveling throughout the campaign with a team of doctors who have performed medical examinations for the local populations and arranged treatment for the sick. The tour aimed to deliver zinc sheets as well as to communicate directly with rural populations in order to address additional needs such as health care and education. In each town, the people have been able to request the health-care and education services they feel are needed.

The zinc-roof initiative, aimed at disadvantaged families and rural citizens with nipa roofs, has distributed more than 1 million zinc sheets across the country since its inception in August 2011. The campaign is scheduled to continue on the island of Bioko.