Friday, February 22, 2013

Ministers of Foreign Affairs Meet to Discuss South-South Cooperation at 3rd ASA Summit

Minister Agapito Mba Mokuy of Equatorial Guinea met with other ministers of foreign affairs yesterday to discuss South-South cooperation as part of the Third ASA Summit, which is being held in Malabo this week.

The ministerial meeting focused on projects proposed in Wednesday’s inaugural Meeting of Senior Officials by representatives from various African and South American countries. The ministers paid particular attention to projects that would promote relations and economic development between the two regions.

According to Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, Brazil’s minister of foreign affairs, the Summit presents an opportunity to reaffirm commitment between the two continents. Minister Agapito reiterated the importance of the ASA partnership during his closing speech. He stated that the meetings held during the ASA Summit “have generated excellent ideas and policy initiatives that address the most pressing global challenges.”

During a time of economic hardship, it is critical for countries to work together, Minister Agapito stressed. 

This year’s ASA Summit is the sixth summit of its kind that promotes South-South cooperation. To increase collaboration between the participating countries, heads of state will meet today to bring the summit to a close.