Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Equatorial Guinea Participates in the 5th African Oil and Gas Conference

Representatives meet in Gabon to discuss sustainable development in the oil and gas industry

Equatorial Guinea is one of 18 African countries represented at the 5th African Oil and Gas Conference this week in Gabon.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 26th, 600 delegations will spend the next three days discussing the current status of the oil and gas market under the title, “Prospects for oil in Africa, balance between production and sustainable development.”

The conference, which was co-organized by the Association of African Petroleum Producers (APPA), is recognized as the industry’s most important event in Africa. It provides participants the opportunity to explore new opportunities and engage in conversation with key political, economic and institutional heads of APPA member countries.

Equatorial Guinea’s participation is reflective of their efforts to strengthen the oil and gas industry, which has significantly contributed to the country’s economic development.