Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Equatorial Guinea Congratulates Ceiba’s Expansion to Madrid

After successfully adding a Malabo-Madrid line, Ceiba Intercontinental Airlines opened a new customer service office in Madrid last Thursday, April 11. Agustin Nze Nfumu, the Minister of Information for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, represented President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo at the inauguration of the new office.

In a speech during the inauguration, Agustin Nze described the new office as an opportunity to strengthen relations between the two regions and celebrate their Hispanic heritage. He also said that, “this Ceiba office is the door that gives [Spaniards] a first welcome to Equatorial Guinea, a welcome that all Equatorial Guineans will personally give them when they come to visit us.”

Following the opening of the new office, Ceiba Intercontinental announced that it will include three new Boeing 737s to its fleet. In addition to three Boeing 737s, Ceiba’s directors are looking for other units to incorporate, which would allow them to add new routes.

According to Agustin Nze, the expansion of Ceiba Intercontinental is representative of Equatorial Guinea’s recent efforts to play a bigger role in the international community and strengthen relations with other countries. It provides the government the opportunity to increase cultural exchange and show the world how Equatorial Guinea is developing economically and socially.