Wednesday, May 15, 2013

President Obiang Addresses International Media Regarding Upcoming Elections

Obiang Calls for Great Participation and African Solidarity 

President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea today addressed the local and international media in a press conference held in Malabo.  He called for greater participation and involvement in Equatorial Guinea’s upcoming elections while also calling on African states to work together to bring progress and economic independence to the continent.

In reference to the election, President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo said that, “Equatorial Guinea’s political process is a learning process for our country.  It needs to be tailored to Equatoguineans.  We have not based it on other countries, but on our own.”

Obiang talked about the need for transparency in the elections and said, “The government and the political parties from the opposition conducted an electoral census to ensure the rights of voters and the legitimacy of the elections.”

The Ministry of the Interior and Corporations has provided financing to all of the political parties.  Funding includes campaign advertising and travel costs.

Through a plan called Horizon 2020, Equatorial Guinea is utilizing its oil wealth to build its political systems as well as health, agriculture, education, banking and transportation sectors. All the government ministries must meet benchmarks to get closer to meeting the goals of the President’s Horizon 2020 plan to move Equatorial Guinea towards a self-sufficient and growing economy.

In reference to the economy in the nation, President Obiang continued, “Equatorial Guinea doesn’t have unemployment issues, but we are in need of more professional training for our population. We require all foreign companies working in Equatorial Guinea to hire 75 percent Equatoguinean employees.  We need more training for our population to fill the skilled job offerings.”

“After 2020, our vision will shift from oil revenues and focus more on our other resources. Equatorial Guinea’s progress depends on Equatoguineans’ professionals, on their vision,” concluded President Obiang.