Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Embassy of Spain in Equatorial Guinea Pays Homage to Sculptor Leandro Mbomio

The Embassy of Spain in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea held a ceremony in honor of the sculptor Leandro Mbomio, on Friday, June 7.

Manuel Gomez-Acebo, the Ambassador of Spain in Equatorial Guinea, made the opening remarks welcoming the scholars, diplomats, artists and family members who attended the event.

Family members and close friends took turns discussing Mbomio’s approach to life and dedication to his work.  According to Teresa Avoro Nguema, Dean of the School of Arts at the National University of Equatorial Guinea, “Mbomio knew how to combine his political, cultural and family responsibilities, and also had the gift of dialogue.”

The President of the Council of Scientific and Technological Research of Equatorial Guinea (CICTE), Anacleto Olo ImbuĂ­, said in his speech that "Leandro Mbomio defines culture as the act of inheriting a permanent spirit of the past and introducing the neutral inputs of other cultural experiences, in other words, bringing them up to date in view of modern requirements.”

In honor of his work and influence on art and culture, Ambassador Gomez-Acebo and some of Mbomio’s family members revealed “Tribal Integration,” a sculptore that will be housed at the Embassy.