Thursday, June 13, 2013

Equatorial Guinea Attends Voices Of African Mothers International Business Forum

Maria Nieves Eyenga, representing Constancia Mangue Nsue de Obiang, First Lady of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, joined African leaders and other women leaders in the second annual International Business Forum, where participants discussed ways to connect businesses with emerging African opportunities.

Michael C. Redmond, CEO of Redmond Worldwide, Jennie Young, Founder of UNESCHAF, Kathleen Yaworsky, Program Assistant for Voss Foundation, and Maria Ellis, President of the AAUW New York City Branch discussed ways to connect businesses with emerging African opportunities in order to increase investment in the continent.

The Equatorial Guinea delegation attended the Voices of African Mothers’ business forum at the UN Millennium Hotel as part of the three days of events leading to the Millennium Development Goals 2013 Women's Progress award gala to be held at the United Nations tomorrow.

Mrs. Obiang’s continuous involvement in activities to promote social development has made her a leading figure in efforts to improve the status of women in Equatorial Guinea. She has created the Equatorial Guinean Child Aid Committee (CANIGE), a non-governmental, non-profit institution that helps children throughout the country. CANIGE also focuses on the fight against juvenile delinquency and has promoted the creation of teaching centers.