Thursday, June 6, 2013

Equatorial Guinea Invests in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

INDEFOR celebrates International Day for Environment Conservation

The government of Equatorial Guinea continues to invest in the sustainable management of natural resources as part of its efforts to promote the environmental laws in the country and move toward a self-sufficient and growing economy.

The National Institute for Forestry Development and Management of Protected Areas (INDEFOR), recently celebrated the International Day for Environment Conservation, to address issues such as protected marine areas, fighting illegal hunting and creating awareness about catching sea turtles in danger of extinction.

Fidel Esono Mba, Director-General of INDEFOR, stressed the importance of conservation and talked about the national parks in EquatorialGuinea and the establishment of the institute, whose goal is to develop and monitor the implementation of management plans and to safeguard the country's biodiversity and natural infrastructures.

Organizations for the protection and conservation of the environment, ANDEGE and UICL CARPE also contributed to the celebration of the International Day for Environment Conservation.