Friday, January 24, 2014

Equatorial Guinea Continues to Promote its Program to Fight Malaria

The Government of Equatorial Guinea will continue its Program to Fight Malaria, an initiative to help combat a major global disease, by spraying private houses throughout the country, which they have carried out for the last few years.

This year’s round of spraying will include a team of 150 people, which includes sprayers, advance team agents, field supervisors, among other positions.

Before beginning this year’s annual round of spraying, the hired agents are spending this week practicing and undergoing specific training in the use of the spraying machines.

This will be the 19th round of spraying to take place in the island of Bioko and will begin the first week of February.

Spraying the houses is a major component of the malaria initiative, which coincides with the Government’s Horizon 2020 Plan to help promote national development.