Thursday, January 9, 2014

Equatorial Guinea's Ambassador to the United States discusses economic diversification

In an interview, Equatorial Guinea's Ambassador to the United States, Ruben Maye Nsue Mangue, discusses his country's efforts to diversify the economy and increase international investment, specifically with the United States. 

Equatorial Guinea’s economy over the last two decades has been based only on the development and promotion of oil and gas industry. “Now after we celebrated the second national economic conference in 2007, the Government of Equatorial Guinea has decided to diversify our economy, so one of our main objectives now is to invite U.S. investors, U.S companies, public and private sector, to participate in the diversification of our national economy. We want to develop now our national agriculture, infrastructure. We want to develop tourism. We want to also develop services,” said Ambassador Nsue Mangue.

Ambassador Nsue Mangue concluded by saying, “The diversification of our national economy is important in order to guarantee the life and the security of our population. To have a country where they have, not only oil and gas energy products, but also where they can have a country with food security and other important sector development like health, education, etc.”