Thursday, January 9, 2014

Equatorial Guinea's Ambassador to the United States discusses global peace and security

In an interview, Equatorial Guinea's Ambassador to the United States, Ruben Maye Nsue Mangue, discusses the importance of leaders around the world working together to promote international peace and security.

Ambassador Nsue Mangue talked about global peace and promotion. “After the second World War, the idea of all international communities was to build a world of peace for the promotion of development in peace. We have not achieved total peace in the world.  There are still many conflicts going on around the world. We have a conflict in the Republic of Central Africa. This is a situation that is a big concern for us,” said Ambassador Nsue Mangue.

For Equatorial Guinea, the issue of peace and security and stability are of major importance because no country, no society can achieve development having instability, internal or external conflict. He said, “We want to invite again all the countries and governments of the world to build and make peace so that our population and the people of the world can enjoy their right to peace and development properly.”