Thursday, January 9, 2014

UNGE Rector Says Agreement with Texas Tech will Focus on Agriculture, Tourism

In a recent interview, Carlos Nze Nsuga, rector of the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE), discussed the details of the agreement with Texas Tech University (TTU) to establish a future collaboration between the two universities.
The agreement focused on the development of agriculture and the establishment of professional training in agribusiness and agro-industries, notes Nze Nsuga. “We discussed training in human resources but focused primarily on agriculture, which is a priority for the country’s development. We talked mostly about agriculture because we believe that agriculture plays an important role in the development of this country. We think we have to create food self-sufficiency in our country in quantity and quality in order to have a healthy population,” said Nze Nsuga.

Nze Nsuga said that the nation needs to do more to promote and encourage agriculture. Equatorial Guinea currently produces some agricultural products that are used for local consumption and others for export, such as cocoa and its derivatives. “We had discussed training and the possibilities for transforming the raw material in our country, which could be used not only for consumption and sale but also to create jobs for the citizens of Equatorial Guinea and foreigners who come to work here,” he said. 

The two universities have also discussed other aspects of agriculture, such as cotton and rice production, which the parties also consider important.

The two universities are also interested in developing training and education to help form professionals in tourism, an area Equatorial Guinea wants to develop.