Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Education Tours Schools Across the Country

Lucas Nguema Esono, Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Education and Science, recently embarked on a journey across the country to inspect the nation’s schools and promote education development.  

The tour began on the island of Bioko on Friday, February 21, which continued in Malabo afterward.

While visiting the schools, Nguema Esono will perform the following: inspect their foundation, assess their needs and analyze the work of the teachers. The purpose of the tour is to improve the nation’s education system, he said, and the Government is particularly focused on improving the work of teachers.

Touring the schools is one of many ways in which Nguema Esono is helping implement the education goals listed in President Obiang’s Horizon 2020 national development plan. In addition, he has overseen recent infrastructure development with the nation’s primary and secondary schools and an increase in scholarship distribution for university students.