Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Equatorial Guinea Inaugurates a New School Complex in Kogo II

New education facility will provide schooling to more than 900 students

The Government of Equatorial Guinea oversaw the inauguration of a new educational facility this week located in Kogo II, which will provide schooling to more than 900 students.

The Second Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs and Minister for Education and Science, Lucas Nguema Esono Mbang, was present at the inauguration along with the District Inspector of Education of Kogo, Felipe Mateo Ndong Eyang.

The new educational complex was designed to house two schools including the Roque Enguang Ondo and Santo Angel de la Guarda. Both schools will have meeting rooms, libraries, restrooms, hallways and laboratories, among other features.

In addition to providing the new features for the schools, the Second Deputy Prime Minister also delivered work materials including printers, computers and sports items.

Through the development of new educational facilities such as the complex in Kogo II, the Government of Equatorial Guinea has helped promote education nationwide in efforts to implement the national development plan Horizon 2020.