Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Equatorial Guinea Participates in the 130th Assembly of the Interparlimentary Union

Government officials from Equatorial Guinea participated in the 130th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), designed to renew a commitment to peace and democracy, which took place March 16 to 20 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Over 715 parliamentarians from 141 countries convened to discuss eliminating the world’s nuclear weapons and the conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and Central African Republic in attempt to develop potential solutions to the problems.

Teresa Efua Asangono, President of the Senate, led Equatorial Guinea’s delegation. During her speech at the opening session, Asangono stressed that the government of Equatorial Guinea is committed to ensure democracy, freedom, peace, social justice and sustainable development in support of the national development plan, Horizon 2020.

Participating in unions such as the IPU showcases Equatorial Guinea’s dedication to the implementation of Horizon 2020 and improving the quality of life for Equatoguineanos.