Friday, March 14, 2014

Equatorial Guinea's Minister of Health Launches National Strategy for Primary Health Care

On March 11, Equatorial Guinea’s Department of Health and Social Welfare inaugurated a seminar for district health teams at the School of Medicine of Bata in support of the national strategy for primary health care.

The seminar was designed to provide training for professionals throughout the district centers in order to improve local healthcare. According to the Minister of Health, Nsue Milang, this seminar aligns with the Government’s objective to provide healthcare for all Equatoguineans.

He said that improving human resources by training professionals in the industry is an important part of the national health strategy, as well as providing the proper materials and resources.

The Government has implemented a number of initiatives and projects, such as the seminar training, nationwide to improve overall healthcare and promote development within the country.  Just last week, in fact, a new medical clinic was opened in Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea, to enhance public health.