Thursday, June 26, 2014

Obiang, Ban Ki-Moon Dedicate New Un Building In Equatorial Guinea

Government of Equatorial Guinea Provides Building to House UN Agencies in Country.

Equatorial Guinea’s President, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, yesterday presented a new building, funded by the Government of Equatorial Guinea, to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is visiting the county to attend the 23rd African Union Summit (AUS).

President Obiang recalled that the United Nations has spent decades working hand in hand in the development of Equatorial Guinea since the country gained its independence from Spain in 1968. He said that UN agencies such as the UNDP, FAO and UNICEF have been critically important in raising the standard of living and generally improving the quality of life for citizens of the country..

“Today we are installing the UN agencies with the donation of this building located in the same place where we are building a new city,” Obiang said in reference to the new district called Malabo II, where the new UN headquarter is located. “Although we do not count on unlimited resources, we believe that instead of investing in big nuclear and space fighting projects, we must invest in the power of humanity.”

Equatorial Guinea has forged a close relationship with the UN on several fronts. Most recently, the government donated thirty million dollars to the Solidarity Fund to Fight Hunger in Africa. During the UN building inauguration, the Director General of the FAO, Jose Graziano da Silva, signed agreements with the representatives of 26 African countries to implement projects with this solidarity fund.