Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Equatorial Guinea To Host Equatorial Guinea-Asia Economic Forum

The Government of Equatorial Guinea will bring together political and business leaders to promote investment opportunities at the Equatorial Guinea-Asia economic forum, to be held in Dalian, China, on April 29-30.

"Equatorial Guinea has a rich and prosperous history of economic cooperation with Asia. The forum is a momentous occasion to visit old friends and forge new alliances. While Equatorial Guinea pushes forward ambitious plans for industrialization and economic diversification, we welcome investment in various sectors such as oil and gas, mining, agriculture and health," stated Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy.

The Equatorial Guinea-Asia economic forum aims to connect leaders of Equatorial Guinea with the Asian investment community, as well as attract direct foreign investment and promote various sectors of the economy.

Equatorial Guinea and China have enjoyed good bilateral relations for 45 years. They have established sustainable trade and economic ties. Chinese investment has been heavily involved in the country’s industrialization and economic diversification plans, Horizon 2020 development plan. Chinese construction companies have played a significant role in building the new infrastructure funded by the Government of Equatorial Guinea, and the Chinese government has identified the modernization of the maritime sector, agriculture and development of the coastal economy as important areas for future cooperation.

President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and a delegation of Equatorial Guinea government ministers and directors will outline the opportunities for investment and hold talks with Chinese officials.