Thursday, April 30, 2015

Equatorial Guinea’s Capital Is In A Constant State Of Improvement, Says Malabo’s Mayor

The capital city of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo, is in a state of constant improvement, says Mayor Maria Coloma Edjang Bengono. Every year, it seems to be cleaner, bigger, more modern, and more orderly.

The mayor of Malabo discussed in a recent interview the capital’s continual improvement and the city government’s major accomplishments. “What you have seen today is not what you will see tomorrow because the government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea [governing party] is constantly working to improve not only the capital city of Malabo but the country as a whole.”

She said that the residents of Malabo now have water, power, roads, and a sewage system. The government has already designed these projects and they are already running. “Our most important goal is to make sure all these services reach all citizens. Now our goal is for every citizen to have water, power, and environment sanitation access, among other things in their homes. That's the main goal because the most important thing for a human being is water and then later come the other things. There is potable water, and now this year’s goal is for every citizen to have it [in their homes].”

 “The biggest challenge I have had as mayor has been to clean this city, because it was decaying. My biggest challenge was to educate the people on how to handle the garbage and how to make the city clean. Where there is hygiene, there is life. I feel very proud to have an increasingly clean city.”