Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea Focuses on Horizon 2020 Development Plan

President Obiang and First Lady Receive International Awards for Economic Diversification and Female Empowerment

The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea focused its attention on the economic future of the country and its citizens and the steps taken toward achieving the goals lined on the Horizon 2020 program at the closing of the third National Congress of the party held in Bata this past week .

In recognition of the great strides Equatorial Guinea has made over the years, President Obiang and the First Lady received awards from the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices. The President received the Award for Political Excellence and High Level Leadership in Africa and the First Lady received the Award for Social Action and Female Leadership in Africa. Their work in in the African Union, most notably for calling for economic diversification and in the fight for women’s’ rights, was highlighted.

The closing discussions of the National Congress focused on the sustainable development of Equatorial Guinea with Government’s adherence to the Horizon 2020 plan.

The evolution of industry in Equatorial Guinea away from dependence on oil with increased focus on small and medium-sized enterprises was stressed for the health and future of the nation.

In recent years, the Government has directed efforts toward diversifying economic sectors such as agriculture, tourism, fishing and financial services. Government highlighted increased focus on the growth of private industry, development of new technologies and support for women and children.

The Government’s report on the Millennium Development Goals highlighted a reduction of the population living in poverty by over 50 per cent, the result of projects like improved housing, transportation and health services. Continued work for those most at risk included youth education, social protections and general well-being.

Significantly increased investment in infrastructure has made the country a leader in transportation within Africa.

In closing the weeks’ activities, the President emphasised the importance of adhering to universal democratic principles and recognized each and every Equatorial Guinean for the country’s success over the last three decades.