Thursday, February 11, 2016

School Transportation Service Underway in Malabo

Under the leadership and vision of Equatorial Guinea’s President Obiang, details for transportation services for school were underway this past week for service in Malabo.

The Ministry of Education and Science is finishing instruction of the monitors and drivers on the conditions and common rules for transport service at the various stations to collect students for school.

President Obiang inaugurates innovative CNG Plant

Equatorial Guinea’s President Obiang inaugurated the pioneering Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) plant to reduce emissions and improve public transportation availability in Malabo and other cities.

The plant is the latest in a series of groundbreaking infrastructure projects by the President and the Ministry of Mines, Industry, and Energy.

The new plant includes a new bus terminal and a natural gas-powered bus fleet, a cooking gas bottling facility, and improved road infrastructure.

“Equatorial Guinea has plentiful natural gas reserves, and it is our goal to provide access to this domestic resource to our citizens. With the introduction of pioneering compressed natural gas infrastructure, we can now offer clean, cost effective gas-powered public transport to the residents of Malabo and Bata,” said the Minister.

The plant is an integral part of Equatorial Guinea’s Horizon 2020 economic development plan, which will allow the country to develop and export technological expertise, as well as provide CNG to neighbouring countries.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

President Obiang leads the Peace and Security Council at the 26th Summit of Heads of State and Governments of the African Union

Equatorial Guinea President Obiang led the Peace and Security Council at the 26th Summit of Heads of State and Governments of the African Union this past week. The Peace and Security Council comprises of 15 countries within the Union whose objective is to promote peace, stability, and security in Africa.

“The work of our committee will proceed in two sessions. The first session is public and it will examine issues related to the efforts of the African Union in the fight against terrorism and the situation in South Sudan. The second will be private and only involve the Member States of the Council. We will examine the issue concerning the situation in Burundi,” said President Obiang.

Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon was also in attendance at the 10th annual meeting of the Peace and Security Council.

The theme of the Summit was the African Year of Human Rights, specifically focused on the rights of women and their access to positions of responsibility in institutions.