Friday, October 21, 2016

Equatorial Guinea’s Horizon 2020 Stands Out at Innovation Africa 2016

Equatorial Guinea’s Horizon 2020 development plan was presented at the recent Innovation Africa 2016 ministerial conference in Nairobi, where member countries learned the progress it has made.

Secretary of State, Cesar Augusto Mba, presented the updated made on the Horizon 2020 plan. He highlighted the achievements made by Equatorial Guinea by the Horizon 2020 plan since its adoption in 2008, including advances in healthcare, technology, and infrastructure.

The Secretary, accompanied by several officials from the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Public Investment, participated in meetings with several large technology firms in attendance.

The world-renowned technology firms who participated in the conference included Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Huawei, BGH, and Amazon, among others.

Government leaders attended the conference from all over Africa, including Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, and Lesotho, among others.

The conference brought African leaders together to discuss topics such as the transformation of education, the design of information and communications technology (ICT), the momentum of education and health through ICT, and lessons learned from the implementation of education and digital literacy programs in countries such as Rwanda and Kenya.

The conference, held every five years, is the most important platform to discuss and promote innovation on the African continent.