Friday, November 11, 2016

Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations Advocates Unity at General Assembly

The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations, Anatolio Ndong Mba, advocated for unity at the 71st Session of the General Assembly in New York City.

In his address, Ambassador Ndong Mba highlighted the equitable representation and number of members as a key issue facing the United Nations.

The Ambassador particularly emphasized reform of the Security Council, currently Item 122 on the agenda of the 71st Session.

The Ambassador advocated for two permanent seats well as five non-permanent seats on the UN Security Council for African nations.

By increasing the number of members, the Ambassador stressed that the United Nations would become a more objective and impartial governing body, taking into account the interests of all the States and geographical regions that make up the broader international community.

He highlighted the United Nations as a vital institution for the sustainability of the community of nations and global causes.

The Ambassador also expressed support for the Hon. Peter Thompson, as well as the new co-facilitators instrumental in conducting intergovernmental negotiations for the reform of the Security Council.