Friday, April 21, 2017

Equatorial Guinea Supports Empowerment of Women in Africa, Hosts Female Golf Tournament

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea supported the empowerment of women in Africa by recently hosting the WCACT iCUBEFARM Golf Tournament at the country’s world-class sporting and entertainment facilities in Sipopo.

The competition, which included female participants from nine countries in East and Central Africa, aimed to promote the empowerment of women in sport.

The athletes and spectators celebrated the role of women in athletic competitions and the high technical abilities displayed during the course of the tournament.

The tournament also showcased the state-of-the-art infrastructure and accommodation of Sipopo, outside the capital Malabo, which has hosted African sporting events such as the African Cup in the past. The golf event was hosted at the Sipopo Sofitel Le Golf.

The facilities in Sipopo have also hosted large international events such as the meeting of the African Union and the Africa-Arab Economic Forum.