Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Equatorial Guinea Vice President Responds to False and Defamatory Accusations Made by CORED Leader

The lawyers for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Vice President, HE Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, responded to the false and defamatory statements made by the leader of the Coalition CORED, Salomón Ndong Abeso.

The lawyers filed an application before the Criminal Court of Paris against Abeso for the fabricated language used in his published article entitled Le fantome du fils Obiang est défendu par trois robes noires a Paris in the blog Mediapart in January 2017.

The article used very serious language against the Vice President, and wrongly accused him of having ordered the kidnapping of an Italian businessman, whom he then had tortured.

Previously, a defamation suit against Abeso was filed before the Court, which resulted in the indictment of the CORED leader on 23 November.

Abeso is set to appear before the court to be tried for the crime of defamation for his statements that are part of a permanent campaign of denigration, disinformation, and defamation of CORED against the authorities of Malabo and the vice president.

CORED, the Opposition Coalition for the Restoration of a Democratic State in Equatorial Guinea, is a small group of political criminals who work outside of Equatorial Guinea.

According to the submitted application, individuals involved with CORED work “for the sole purpose of profiting personally, through continuous and false denunciations against the institutions of Equatorial Guinea.” It goes on to say the trial against the Vice President is “nothing but a business that logically went wrong. And it was precisely during this phase, when Solomón Ndong Abeso published this bizarre and brutal article.”

The previous legal process in Paris against the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea was free of any condemnation, which highlighted his innocence in the matter.

Because of this finding, the Vice President’s lawyers have embarked on a campaign against the indiscriminate attacks made by “hustlers and swindlers” such as Abeso of CORED.

Equatorial Guinea maintains that any criminal action carries a responsibility.