Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Equatorial Guinea Launches Visual Health Campaign

The First Lady of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Constancia Mangue, and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare launched the Visual Health Campaign at the National Organization of the Blind of Equatorial Guinea (ONCIGE).

The Campaign is focused on treating those who suffer from cataracts, and provide medical attention where best available.

During the last campaign in 2016, Equatorial Guinea successfully treated 679 patients, 106 of which were operated on in the country. The rest were treated in Spain in partnership with the La Arruzafa Foundation of Córdoba.

The ONCIGE 2018 Action Plan, which outlines the Campaign, will also oversee the operations related to visual health in Bata and study the effectiveness to improve the efficiency of the overall program.

Equatorial Guinea has made significant strides in social welfare, including health and disease education and prevention, in recent years. The Government of Equatorial Guinea has invested resources in building state-of-the-art health facilities, nutritional access programs, and educational sessions to identify and prevent diseases. Equatorial Guinea leads Africa in per capita investments in health care, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).