Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Equatorial Guinea Continues Commitment to Investment in Agriculture, Strengthens Ties with India

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea continued its commitment to investment in the agriculture sector as high-level delegations from Equatorial Guinea and India met this week to discuss investment opportunities and strengthened bilateral ties.

The Minister for Agriculture and Forests, Nicolás Utondji Akapo, and the President of the Bioko Chamber of Commerce, Gregorio Boho Como, and the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Pedro Oliveira Borupo, met with their Indian counterparts and discussed investment in agriculture at all levels.

The two sides also discussed the formation of intrasectoral cooperation in regards to agriculture.

Equatorial Guinea is strongly committed to advancing and investing in the country’s rural sector through international partnerships.

Government officials last week met with the Minister for Agriculture from the People’s Republic of China and discussed agriculture technology and knowledge exchanges.