Friday, May 4, 2018

Equatorial Guinea Strengthens Cooperation on Migration and Development

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea, through the Deputy Minister for the Interior and Local Corporations and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, strengthened cooperation at the V Ministerial Meeting on Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development.

Equatorial Guinea highlighted the importance of regional partnerships to work strategically with a focus on socio-economic advantages and cultural exchange between peoples.

Equatorial Guinea, along with representatives from the European Union and Africa, adopted the Marrakesh Policy Declaration and the 2018-2020 Action Plan.

Equatorial Guinea met with high-level officials on the sidelines of the Meeting and strengthened bilateral relations with the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Cabo Verde, and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Equatorial Guinea is focused on migration and human mobility, which have been incorporated into four of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

Equatorial Guinea is committed to sustainable development under the country’s Horizon 20202 program. In line with the Goals, Equatorial Guinea has made great strides over the years, including major reductions in the risk of maternal and infant mortality; free health service and drugs for youth and the elderly; the development of agriculture and hydrocarbons to create more jobs; the implementation of progressive gender equality policies; and electricity and sanitation for all citizens.