Friday, August 24, 2018

Equatorial Guinea Strengthens Ties with India

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea further strengthened its ties with the Republic of India with the implementation of the agreement of the Joint Committee on Cooperation between the two countries via the Permanent Commission of Foreign Policy, International Cooperation, and African Integration.

The agreement is focused on the visa application exemption for holders of diplomatic, official, and service passports between the two countries, as well as policies to promote socioeconomic issues integral to the development of Equatorial Guinea.

The agreement also highlighted ways to promote and strengthen political cooperation, security, the judiciary, human resources, economy, technology, science, and sociocultural sectors. 

Equatorial Guinea and India enjoy strong bilateral relations. Equatorial Guinea and India recently met to discuss investment opportunities in agriculture.

The two sides also discussed the formation of intrasectoral cooperation in regards to agriculture.

Equatorial Guinea is strongly committed to advancing and investing in the country’s rural sector through international partnerships.