Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Equatorial Guinea Highlights Sustainable Development at African Development Bank Conference

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is set to highlight the importance of sustainable development, in line with the country’s Horizon 2020 development plan, at the African Development Bank (ADB) conference.

The ADB conference is focused on evaluating each African country’s sustainable development in line with the 2063 Agenda of the African Union (AU) to achieve economic and social progress throughout the continent.

The 2063 Agenda includes the promotion of equitable employment in agriculture and industrialization, free access to energy and drinking water, the diversification of food sources, and the promotion of inclusive growth and equality for all Africans.

Equatorial Guinea is set to participate in the conference and highlight the significant developments in the country’s development program, along with 300 high-level government officials who will share knowledge and experiences in regards to the evaluation and development of Africa.

Equatorial Guinea is strongly committed sustainable development under the country’s Horizon 2020 program. In line with the Goals, Equatorial Guinea has made great strides over the years, including major reductions in the risk of maternal and infant mortality; free health service and drugs for youth and the elderly; the implementation of progressive gender equality policies; and electricity and sanitation for all citizens.