Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Defense Minister Nkogo Arrives in Beijing for VIII Xiangshan Forum

A senior delegation led by Defense Minister Leandro Bacale Nkogo on October 23 arrived in Beijing to take part in a seminar gathering defense ministers from 66 countries.

Bacale Nkogo was welcomed by General Sheng and the diplomatic staff of Equatorial Guinea’s embassy in China, led by the ambassador Germán Ekua Sima. Bacale Nkogo will attend the VIII Xiangshan Forum, which brings together defense ministers from 66 countries and various representatives from international organizations.

The forum aims to highlight international safety and security cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region, and is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Military Science.

The forum has been held in Beijing since 2006, and has become an important platform for exchange and interaction between Chinese experts and academics and those from foreign countries. The Chinese Academy for Military Sciences and the Chinese Society for Strategic Studies will jointly host the forum from 24th to 26th October.