Monday, October 22, 2018

Vice Minister of Health Brings Brings Family Planning Training to a Close

A total of 82 health professionals from the province of Bioko Norte received their corresponding certificates during the closing ceremony for the course, which was overseen by the Vice Minister of Health and Social Welfare, D├ímaso Mitiha Ondo.

During the ceremony, the participantsthanked the organizers and there was aalsosynthesis report on the work from a project expert.The UNFPA representative also addressed the audience, as the certificates were presented to the participants.

The meeting concluded with a closing address from the ViceMinister ofHealth, who congratulated everyone, together with the organizers and supporters.

The aim of the project is that by 2019,80percentof women of reproductive age and newborn babies in Bioko and Kie-Ntem will have access to quality information and maternal and neonatal health services.